Gran Darts Neo Shadow Series S-03

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Gran Darts Neo Series S-03

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Gran Darts Neo Shadow Series S-03

Product specifications

Materials: 90% tungsten
Weight: 18.0 g
Length: 38.00 mm
Max Dia: 7.4mm
Type: 2BA

The mat black dart which is easy to be decided of the grip

It is dart brand, high-end concept series of the Grand dart, GRAN BARREL NEO Series. Design, the barrel design which had utility, the defiant new cut are high-performance dart series of the characteristic.

It is the premium line which is most suitable for a present with the package of the jewel box type full of the sense of quality.

In addition, “Neo Series Shadow” where this series is characterized by black coloring! Coating of the unprecedented mat black is given. I show the feel that this processing is characterized by and an effect of the prevention of slip. It is utility and a visually superior model.

The dart of the shape that this S-03 is a barrel-shaped outline, and a grip can fix of popularity. Chopping fine enters the grip part of the latter half moderately, and there is security in the grip.

The cut of the dot type enters the first half part, and an accent of the silver is impressive on a black body generally. It is a recommended black dart for the player of the trouble by all means without a grip being fixed very much.

■product does not come with tips, shafts or flights


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