Gran Darts Neo Shadow Series S-04

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Gran Darts Neo Shadow Series S-04

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Gran Darts Neo

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Materials: 90% tungsten
Weight: 16.5 g
Length: 39.00 mm
Max Dia: 6.8mm
Type: 2BA

Gran Darts Neo are a Mat black dart and fly with a thud.

High-end concept series of the Grand dart, GRAN BARREL NEO Series. Design, the barrel design which had utility, the defiant new cut are high-performance dart series of the characteristic. It is the premium line which is most suitable for a present with the package of the jewel box type full of the sense of quality. In addition, “Neo Series Shadow”, this series is characterized by mat black coloring. The high dart of the going straight characteristics that the steady chopping fine got on the complete form of the short torpedo in this S-04. I place two stronger cuts different in the kind in the latter half and convey power well. The front part places a part and a unique crosscut of the feel which I can grip with a shape and is a design studded with the small gimmicks which can splash a dart inside a lot. It is recommended for the player who wants to fly a dart keenly!

This product does not include tips, shafts or flights


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